21 September, 2013

Color Me Inspired!

We ask this question... or maybe challenge you...

Who, What or Where Inspires you?

Not expecting that only one thing alone may solely inspire you, but if we are able to focus on one thing at a time, it often makes for an interesting composition...

Just yesterday, a friend from my book club mentioned that an author and his use of the written language inspired her to paint... I pondered that thought. Those poetic words must have deeply penetrated her heart. If she were to ever follow her desires and actually paint the picture she sees in her minds eye, I would want to see the writings that inspired it, so that I could fully grasp her inspiration and feel her inner most interpretation.

So the question is posed...
What is inspiring you?

Today we are introduced to a very special project inspired by the above two images you have already seen. Meet my daughter, Coral. She is a young mother of three of the most beautiful children on the planet... Yeah, I'm totally biased. She and her husband have just bought a new home and she is in the inspiration-process of making a house. her home. I am excited to share this project with you! I believe it will inspire you!

This Ombré paint brush gives us a hint to the fun that follows...

A project is about to take place. How to create the happy accent to the second floor.

This is where the gradient colors of the sky at sunset and a variegated rose give inspiration!

A happy way to the second floor has been realized...

...personalized and it now leads to the places where love lives and sleeps.

I hope you are inspired! Darling Magazine was! 
They featured her image on there IG account today! Coral you did it right! We Love your creativity, inspiration and execution.



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  1. THANKS, MAMA! ❤ I wasn't 100% sure the stair idea would work, but I just held my breath and went for it. And of course, now it's our favorite thing we've done in the house. It's so unique and fun. Ella Fitzgerald said "Where there is love and inspiration, you can't go wrong." I totally subscribe to that. :)


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