29 October, 2014

The Art of Fall Layering, Beauty and Compassion....

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Hellooooo from crazy town!

The fall fashion forecast is being served! Customers are Frocking out— I mean, freaking out for boots, sweaters, scarves and all layering things that work well together. Ladies, building a layered look is a little like decorating your bed. The layers are always related to each other in a color palette, textural or patterned way. Matching is great, however too-matchy-matchy looks juvenile. As mentioned, retailers like myself have been stacking and unstacking the boot boxes, helping the ladies find the perfect fall footwear! By the way if you haven't found yours! Run don't walk! Sizes are becoming limited and styles are selling out!  Fall retail is busy, busy, busy!!!

If you've been keeping up here with previous articles I've penned, you already know a little bit about me and my lifestyle approach to fashion and style. I call it highly interactive. You may also know —and yes, I'm going to shamelessly plug this event because it's for a worthy cause— and because true fundamental beauty starts from within, and by showing compassion for others in need, and that kind of inner beauty enflames the heart... 

Hop Sing Trading Company is sponsoring, and therefore I am co-producing a benefit fashion show fundraiser for the Good Samaritans - Hospice Compassionate Care Fund, on Saturday, November 15th, at the Prescott Resort, please call 928-899-3620 if you would like more information... I sincerely hope you'll consider supporting this heartfelt endeavor fashion fans!  

Now let us move on to "Fall Transitions" in fashion ... close your eyes and click your boot heels together 3 times and say, "there's no time like fall, there's no time like fall, there's no time like fall... The leaves are turning, fireplaces are smoldering and my hot beverage is being cradled in cold hands. But best of all here in Prescott, we get to dress in layers! Layering is an essential part of styling when the day to evening temps vary between forty-something and the low to mid-seventies. You simply must add and subtract layers as needed throughout your day/evening as the temperatures dictate. I'm still rather new at this Autumn-Winter thing, as I came here from the average 78 degree Hawaiian Islands, yet fall has proven to be my favorite time of year! 

In my shop I meet women who are challenged by the whole layering concept.They've shared their concerns and discomforts such as "layering creates waistline bulk, or arm restriction or just too much confusion period". Well I'm here to tell you it's easy, it's attractive and it's comfortable - if you do it right... It starts with owning great layering basics. Without the right first layer you set up for failure. The perfect base layer complements the next layer as it effortlessly glides over and creates a flawless double the warmth look, without doubling the volume! So walk away from layering a sweater over that kimono inspired top you purchased last summer because it won't lend itself to smoothness. This also applies to poet or dolman sleeve tops, they just don't play we'll underneath another sleeve, unless your -umm- going for the ever attractive "Stay-puff Marshmallow" look. Outer layers must glide over under layers without bunching, and when done right, the look is fluid and has enough movement to appear loose yet fitted. Top off your layered look with the perfect scarf, (and yes, the scarf has to be chosen wisely as well...) and Voila!  — you are a walking, smiling, poster child for personal climate-control!

Now... see you at the fashion show???

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