02 January, 2015

New Year - New Perspective

"A car has a relatively small rear-view mirror so we can occasionally glance back to where we've been. It has an enormous windshield so we can look ahead to where we are going (and where we are in the moment). Now is the time to look forward and re-imagine all the possibilities that lie before you." - Wisdom imparted courtesy of a television advertisement. 

As New Years Eve quickly approaches and this is the last article I will write this year, I find myself in a reflective state, gazing for a few moments into the metaphorical rear-view mirror. 

Could I have been kinder or had more patience? Spoken slower, and been quicker to recognize a blessing - even in disguise? Could I have worked harder or perhaps worked less? Did I love fiercely and loyally? Was I satisfied with my choices? Did I complain too much? Eat too much? Did I improve myself in any way? A year is a long time... did I use my time wisely?

OK. You get the picture... each of us should give these type of thoughts, some thought.

Now, lets look ahead, through the windshield... metaphorically. You can now see all the possibilities that lie before you. You are no longer trapped in scarcity and narrowed vision. Focus on what is emerging right now, in the moment, and in the potentiality of your future. 

You have a whole world ahead of you! What new adventures will you pursue? Maybe you should drive yourself toward a healthier fashionable new you? Updating your clothing style always feels good (...and I'd love to help you with that!!!). Women especially need to impart new attitudes toward negative thoughts about themselves... practice positive affirmations, "you're not fat," "you're curvy," "you're not poor," "you're thoughtful about how you spend your wealth." You're worth more than the cheapest made-in-China jewelry, handbag and, yes, it costs more but, darn it, you deserve healthy organic produce!

Don't let the rear-view considerations impact your fresh motivation and perspective. Don't spend much time dwelling on past mistakes, habits or intentions you've abandoned. Remember a windshield also is a protective shield from cold, wet and bugs! Seek those in your life who bring joy, motivation and a real zest for a higher quality life.

Tune your attention to a higher frequency, surround yourself in qualities that define who you really are - at your essence. Exude as much inner beauty as you wish to physically embody. Be more grateful and aware of grace when it visits you. Practice extreme acts of kindness. 

Remember to look out through the great windshield of life everyday instead of putting your attention on the small... very tiny... perspective of the rear-view mirror. Imagine all the possibilities before you. Now let's begin writing our next story. 

Carpe Diem, seize the day, the moment, your life!

Lauren Woltman is the owner of Hop Sing Trading Co. in the Bashford Courts, 130 W. Gurley St.

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