13 April, 2015

HOP SING VIBES with Michelle

       The title of this page should be... "OMG! I'm actually in the fitting room with Michelle!

When I met Michelle I was intrigued by her "never try it on" policy. She has an uncanny ability to successfully purchase just the right size. At least I hope she's always been successful! Nevertheless, I'm a true proponent of the whole fitting room experience! So when Michelle offered to participate in this lookbook project, I was really excited to see her try something on! I chose some easy-to-wear tunic style pieces that she could easily incorporate with her self proclaimed favorite clothing item- "jeggings"!  But honestly, one of my favorite looks from her personal style session were the Hard Tail tie-dye baby fleece capri leggings, pocket tee & military jacket. That look, in my opinion, really showcased her active lifestyle and the obvious success of her Buti Yoga practice.  The fit of the look was a bit outside her comfort zone, but I think she looked amazing!  - Lauren


                              Name: Michelle 
                              Place of birth: San Antonio, Texas
                   Occupation: Stay at home mom and professional volunteer!
                              Age: 50 

           "I feel beautiful after a hike out with my two dogs. Fresh air and sunshine!" 

Describe your "signature look"
My signature look is a mixture of "sweet" and "tough". I love mixing something lacy with a jacket that has a little bit of edge to it.

Who or what inspires you?  
I'm inspired by women that are ageless. Those that own whatever age they are and make the most of it. 

Name an item of clothing you can't live without:  
Good question! Denim jeggings!

What makes you feel beautiful?
I feel beautiful after a hike out with my two dogs. Fresh air and sunshine.

 What is your beauty/skincare routine?
Beauty routine is all or nothing. Full on makeup some days and nothing on hiking days.  I am fastidious with my skincare however- regular facials and good products.

                                           Kimono-sleeve tunic dress, Free People 

What's the most memorable piece of clothing you've worn, and what made it special?     
My most memorable piece of clothing is a one piece nylon fitted dress from Vivienne Tam. Timeless, never goes out of style and when I wear it I feel awesome.

What's your guilty pleasure?           
My guilty pleasure is Pomegranate Oil and perfume from Jo Malone London.  LOVE!!!

The best advice you've ever received?  
The best advice I have ever received is in regards to being a mother- "The days are long but the years are fast." 

Do you have a style icon?  I like Nicole Richie and her bohemian 70's style.
The biggest splurge in your closet?
My biggest splurge is a leather jacket that I purchased in Florence, Italy.  Incredibly expensive and worth every penny.

The biggest waste of money in your closet?
Expensive jeans that do not fit!

Do you believe in destiny?
I absolutely 100% believe in destiny. Some things are meant to be!

What's next for you?   
I love this question!  This past year has been a time of change for me. My boys are getting older and I have more free time. I have finally said "No" to most of my volunteer obligations and I am figuring out what is next for me. Even my circle of friends have changed. I no longer pursue people that do not have time for me. That brings up another great piece of advice, "Don't cross oceans for those that won't cross a puddle for you."  I have learned this over and over again. Since I have started Buti Yoga I am feeling more centered, at peace with myself and confident. I do not know yet what is next but it probably involves Buti Yoga in some way. 

                           Thank you Michelle! You inspire us! ❤️

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