19 November, 2011

I Admit It!

I... admit... it!!! I L-O-V-E fringe!!!!

My store reflects this obsession... Fringed purses, fringed ponchos, fringe dresses & fringed Victorian or piano style wraps and jackets... They separate the plain Jane from the stylish Jane, in my opinion... They transcend age as they're often coveted by both the young trend seeking ladies and sophisticated conservatively dressed women. Almost anyone with just a hint of artistic flair can wear one!!!

Ladies, you can achieve tasteful bohemian style and look fabulous without evoking any signs of a sloppy hippie vibe. If you're new to bohemian fashions and don't know where or how to start, Hop Sing is the place to experiment in Prescott.

To change up the scantily clad looks pictured here...
(only because we just received an awesome new shipment of Burnout-Velvet pieces!!!! Such loveliness!!!) You can style your own look combined in a myriad of ways including... with your favorite jeans and boots (because, baby it's cold outside!)

Or for the more conservative approach to the upcoming holiday events, you can wear one of these artful pieces over your favorite-go-to-LBD, (little-black-dress), and guess what... nobody's gonna know it's last years model!


  1. Oh my gosh, I neeeeed that pink and black fringey goodness. Adorbs! :)

  2. Maybe Santa will see that your "neeeeeeeds" are met? xoxo


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