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Hop Sing is a family-owned boutique that celebrates fashion and aesthetics independent of fads and passing trends. We've taken the outfitter and mercantile concept a step further by creating a completely unique retail experience; combining old and new, Asian and Americana, and the comfort items you know and love, with rare treasures we've collected from around the globe. Fashion forward style with Mom and Pop values. In addition to outfitting, we offer in-house design and styling services.

What types of items and variety can shoppers expect in Hop Sing?
We tend to gravitate toward heritage brands, and many of our products come from family-run companies (like ours).  These are companies we know and trust, that have stood the test of time and still produce consistently high-quality products.

How long has Hop Sing been in business? Is it a family business, how long in family, etc.?
Hop Sing Trading Company is the Western Railroad-inspired sister store to our Eastern Pacific Plantation-inspired, Kong Lung Trading Company (established in 1892). With a background like that, you can see why history and heritage mean so much to us. Hop Sing is still run by three generations of our family (look for the up-and-coming fourth generation to start helping out in a few years). Our eclectic family history is a perfect reflection of our tastes and influences; with Eastern Pacific roots as far reaching as Hawaii and Japan and zig-zagging across the American Southwest from California to New Mexico, and right here in Prescott! We believe that every item has a story to tell- and nothing gives us more pleasure than sharing the unique provenance of an item or product we love with our customers. In fact, we won't put anything on our shelves that we don't absolutely love! With three generations of collectors and appreciators, our only disputes are over who gets to keep what!

Hop Sing is a collection of life & style inspirations. 

Lauren Woltman is a shop owner, buyer & stylist.