11 December, 2011

Love the Beauty of Winter Woolen Whites.....

Is there anything more beautiful in the Winter then luxurious Winter White Woolens and Leather Boots and Vintage Accessories....
Not in my world!
Maybe because I lived on a tiny heart shaped island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean for three decades, and as such my winter fashions resembled summer fashion year after year, nice but kind of boring... so now that I am living here in Prescott I'm enjoying the change of seasons immensely!

I love bundling up in my favorite sweaters, scarves, hats and boots! It's so enjoyable and cozy to put these efficient layers on and they don't feel heavy or bulky, just pretty, feminine and warm.

Like a warm hug or a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows melted on top!!! My winter utopia!!!

I never thought a pair of leggings a winter white skirt and boots could feel so girly until I topped the ensemble with the floaty holiday knits currently offered by FreePeople , Relais and Odd Molly! My goodness these sweaters take away any ill memories of a winters chill! Now I just laugh at Mr. Weatherman trying to scare me into buying a fat Puffy Coat!

If your tired of the same old thing every winter... You need to infuse your wardrobe with some of the special pieces currently on the racks at Hop Sing...
We are always trying to bring you that extra special item that is sure to become your "New Favorite"...

I'm sure you'll feel like me
... excited to hear the forecast of wintery weather approaching... Again!!!

Have a Happy White Christmas my dears!!!


  1. I need that Kahlo tunic from Odd Molly. The heart crochet!!!!! Oh my gosh... seriously?! It's killing me with cuteness. LOVE.


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