29 February, 2012

Young at Heart?

What is your inner child?

The aspect of one's psyche that is believed to retain feelings as they were experienced in childhood. The aspect of your consciousness that is naturally innocent, playful, uncomplicated, and whose approach to life is simple and straightforward.
When it comes to fashion often woman are afraid to be fun. By "afraid" I am referring to color and easy, relaxed styles!!! I'm not suggesting you dress like the mannequin in the window at Gap Kids- but you don't need to dress like "Betty from Sun~City Arizona" either... Polyester slacks and a Polo shirt, or ill-fitting jeans with your Labrador Retriever sweatshirt are not "age appropriate". Ever.

Playing, imagining and curiosity served you well in childhood and can again be renewed to enhance your quality of life, well-being and, ultimately, your happiness as an adult. Including fun, colorful, unique and (dare I say) quirky fashions can elevate your mood, add a sassy little sway to your hips, a little pep in your step, a smile on your face... the kind of smile that starts in your eyes and works it's way to every muscle in your face.
A natural facelift!

If you are in doubt about embracing your inner kid. You need to spend some time remembering what it felt like to play, discover, feel and explore without fear and concern. Learn more about what fresh styles will work for you, and make you feel young again with out looking like the mannequin in the window at Gap Kids... and then welcome that brave little girl back into your life.

"We are intended to remain in many ways- childlike," anthropologist Ashley Montagu once wrote. "We were never intended to grow up into the kind of adults most of us have become. We are designed to grow and develop in ways that emphasize rather than minimize childlike traits." We are all born with the gifts of creativity, imagination, play, exploration and curiosity. Children act on these valuable attributes freely, discovering happiness, belonging, connection and community through them.

Do you use the phrase "I'm too old" to avoid trying new and different activities?

I hear this phrase all too often in our boutique, uttered by women who look like they’ve surrendered to the fashion grim reaper- only they are younger than my own mother, who at 70 years young... is youthful, tasteful, in great physical shape and feels great about herself! And guess what?! She’s not medicated for anything, because a joyful heart full of childish enthusiasm is the fountain of youth!

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