16 August, 2012

New Hop Sing Blog Guru

Hi Hop Sing Readers!! I'm so happy to announce that as of today I am going to be Hop Sing's new official blog guru :)! I'll be helping with creating some posts for you all! My name is Emily Goswick. I work for Lauren at Hop Sing. BEST JOB EVER. And as you can see by my sign, I will work for clothes. So through my time at Hop Sing I've inherited a kick-butt wardrobe and I'm so excited to share the looks I've created (with Lauren's help of course) with you! 

I wish I could work at Hop Sing forever, but I'll be going off to California within the next couple weeks to college! Being able to help out with Hop Sing's blog will keep me connected to Lauren and with all of the wonderful styles that Hop Sing carries. 

P.S. I personally have a blog. It's called The Ranchers Daughter. Would be blessed if you checked it out! 

Tie Dye Scrapbook Blouse worn with gold lace shorts and tall tan lace up boots. Accessorized with Peruvian Beads and Leather Cuff. Get the look at Hop Sing! 


  1. Emily... You are so adorable! ... We will all be eagerly awaiting future musings from our blog guru! Thank you!


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