22 November, 2012


Shopping like a lady is not recommended! All decorum is thrown out the door! ... Doors will Open at 10am... The deepest discounts will be offered... For 3 HOURS ONLY ON FRIDAY ... Black is the new Green!
Seriously. You can save some Green!

Shop Hop Sing on Black Friday...
* 10am till 1:00pm *
Take 30% OFF

Meaning, everything including items we received yesterday, will be 30% OFF TOMORROW! Say whaaat? This discount ends at EXACTLY 1 o' clock. You must either check out, or be IN LINE to check out prior to, or precisely by 1:00!

Dressing rooms may be in short supply...
Dress accordingly!
***Sale will be modified after 1:00***

So relax today... enjoy your family, feed your food-baby, but-not too- much... the need for speed-shopping may come in handy and you don't want to feel sluggish...

The countdown begins tomorrow! See you soon!

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