21 May, 2013

Why not try it on?

In the fabulous world of retail a keen salesperson can simplify the task of customer service by being observant. For instance, yesterday I met a woman I had seen in the shop a couple of times before, she was quietly combing through the racks. I watched from across the room observing what items garnered her attention, in order to efficiently offer assistance if needed. She held up several different items against her body in the mirror, contemplating them before returning the item to the rack. She caressed leather handbags, picked up sandals and then back to clothing. From my perspective she needed a little of everything.

I asked her;  "Could I be of any help?" After a deep exasperated exhale, she spoke.  "I feel lost. I don't know what I need but I need something..." I quickly learned that she "felt frustrated getting dressed". She had "lost her style" and that she was "bored" with her clothing. She claimed she owned multiple versions-of the exact same things and was concerned about "not dressing too young", not too tight, not to short, not.........  Seriously, even with all the self imposed limitations she fired off, I felt she'd be easy to dress.  She had a terrific, proportional and toned body for her 40 something years... and honestly, who can complain when they still have fantastic upper arms, and she did!

I couldn't help but wonder where or why along the way, fashion stopped being fun and easy for her and for so many other women like her that I have met over the years... 

My response was; "Well you've come to the right place!" 

Long-story short after showing her a few really great pieces to start with... she simply refused to try anything on and found an excuse for why everything I chose and everything she liked, wouldn't work for her. Sadly, this woman was utterly consumed by her inner-critic, and I couldn't persuade her to challenge those (mis)perceptions by simply... "trying something on".  This wasn't the first, and won't be the last customer I'll encounter with the same or a similar story. Perhaps they don't understand the concept of the dressing/fitting room? Ya know... go in, try it on, experiment, maybe even consider a couple of suggested styles. You can always take it off it you don't like it, but you must try things on!  

Maybe it's a new syndrome caused by too much online shopping? Online fashion shopping is so time consuming and complicated, in my opinion...  search, magnify, research fit, magnify, hope for success, pay, ship, wait, wait, wait, hope for success, try on... wonder if the size above or below might fit better.... ship, wait, refund or reorder....yuck! What I do know is, that if you shop "brick & mortar" and you refuse to try on things, your wasting valuable time and your never gonna get outta your self imposed - fashion funk. Or maybe it's a fear or resistance to a grown up version of "Playing Dress-up". Hmmmmm.

Hop Sing is the perfect "fashion playground". We offer women the opportunity to experience styles they might not have considered before. Often, when a customer allows us to help style them, they fall in love with what they see in the mirror.  I adore hearing this statement ... "I never would have picked this, but I Love it".  Joy washes over them, when they're feeling attractive and confident.  It makes my job fun when I see a noticeable sparkle appear on her face, and the subtle feminine sway in her hips take over, when she is smitten by the clothing she's wearing. Yes, with the right fashions your self-confidence can be elevated to new levels. I'm often told by our customers that they're bombarded with compliments and I believe it's because of how they feel wearing our fashions. Confidence is absolutely the best accessory!

Are you feeling fashion challenged? We'd love to help you fall in love with 'you' again, the body you have, the one you live in everyday... If you are not happy with what you see in the mirror, may I suggest you take look at a few photos of yourself from 20 years ago. If you're like most women you'll see the younger, perhaps more attractive-then you remembered-version of yourself, staring back at you in the image. Think about it. Did you find faults back then-that you'd kill for now? I can remember thinking my rear, thighs and stomach looked too big... I wish they were "that big" now! I believe that most women are their own worst critiques. 

Now, consider a  little time travel....

Just imagine, 20 years from now.  Will you be looking at an image of yourself, perhaps taken today, only to realize that you were looking pretty darn good! You would most likely appreciate having the body type and looks you are complaining about today. Except...  what the heck are you wearing in that picture? Yikes! .... (Yeah, I'm really good at make believe) What a shame you gave up on fashion so early in your life...

Ladies, ladies, ladies! Fashion should be fun. That’s it! Simple. It means, take it in stride, have fun with it! Clothes are ORNAMENTS, you are the Christmas tree! Remember how fun it was to decorate the tree? That’s what getting dressed every morning should be. CLOTHES are the CAR, you are the driver! Your clothes should be vying for a chance to be taken out for a spin. 

And remember, nothing’s permanent in fashion. At the end of the day, it all comes off anyway. :) 

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  1. I just want to say that I love your perspective on clothes and style. One can always play and experiment. Sometimes we just need a little encouragement. I wish I had friends like you in my playgroup!! Back in the day, at age 5, I would fight for the ball gown in the dress-up trunk but I suspect we'd take turns nowadays. If I'm ever in Prescott, I'll come visit. XXOO


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