25 October, 2013

Oh what fun!

A week ago DeLovely Cosmetic Apothecary hosted a fantastic event at their chic Granite St. location. 

Guests were invited to enjoy an evening centered around bareMinerals cosmetics makeovers, and Hop Sing Fashions. We were so excited and a tiny bit nervous to bring the fashions to a venue that would be very intimate without overwhelming the space with our presence. So, I set my mind to the task of "how to do it small scale, but with a dynamic twist" and came up with a unique approach to a "fashion show" concept.  We arrived with one full rack of clothing and three lovely models, all three required different styling tweaks due to age and/or height. Lets just say it was a mini style challenge! One rack of clothing to be used on all three models, but styled to best suit each one individually. 

Normally in a fashion presentation the audience sees one look, once. In this case we were showing the same pieces but in different ways and on different body types. It could have been a disaster, but thankfully it was a success! The feedback from the models surpassed my expectations. Look after look was received with women recognizing the items from earlier looks and gasping their approval! Many of the ladies were pleasantly surprised by how the same item could be styled so differently and look so right on each of the different models. For me deciding what items to bring to the event felt a bit like figuring out a Rubik's cube but in the end it all came together quite effortlessly.

We used many different pieces from our favorite contemporary brands, Free People, Odd Molly, Desigual, Hard Tail, Chaser and more, and of course our amazing footwear and accessories to complete the looks and all played so well together! 

I'm going to look forward to the next time we have the opportunity to do it again, hope you'll come too!

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