21 November, 2013

Holiday Advertising Hop Sing style!

Yesterday our beautiful holiday ad came out in the Prescott Courier! 
The behind the scenes "work" of this photo shoot was considerable, but when it's a labor of love, the old adage is true... It's true, "love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life"!
My camera shy but -oh so adorable niece- "Stormy Rose" was kind enough to suffer through oh.... Maybe.... 2000+ shots! Yes.... really!!!
Our photo shoot location was an amazingly restored Victorian era home, registered on the Society of Historical Homes, located in Prescott Arizona. (The homeowner, a friend and a substantial collector all things amazing including... Hop Sing fashions). As with most Victorian homes the lighting is minimal and the rooms are often shaded in substantial amounts of beautifully stained glass windows... For a photographer...lighting can be a challenge. 
However... Challenges are often opportunities!
Disadvantages can be used to your advantage... Hence soft Rockwell-esque silhouettes.
The past begins moving you towards the future.

Romantic lace worn over or under...
draping flowing lines. Casual yet dressy, wearable at home and on the town.
And just when you thought you have to be "her" to wear these things...
Along comes all 52 years of "me"... OMG! Oh Well! When in Rome...
"Please be kind... Tell me if I need to suck something in", I repeatedly said...
Now, let me be clear... I'm not ashamed of my fluff & curves, but having them preserved in digital history is another story all together... Not my comfort zone!
Blue hair, contrasted color... Soooo me!
Well, I digress... The point of this message, you don't have to be 20 something to enjoy Hop Sing! In fact very few of our customers are... You do need a sense of individualism.
No cookie cutter fashions here! 
The bottom line is... Ladies my age should never compete stylistically with their daughters, but neither should we compete stylistically with our mothers! Find the perfect balance for your age and body type, then embrace you! Life's too short to blend in!

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