26 December, 2013

Caution:: written under the influence of a Christmas Hangover...

Caution:: This may possibly be written under the influence of a Christmas Hangover... 

You know the feeling,  like an L-tryptophan high. 

Here we are, December 26th, possibly the least celebrated day of the year... A day of sluggish delight.  If not for contractual obligations, I'd never leave my den today. So,  I'm en-route to the Hop for a possibly feverish day of post holiday shopping, but also prepared for the opposite effect.  After all isn't preparation key to being positively good at anything? I plan to be sluggish - all day if at all possible!  I packed up holiday goodies, and brought a book, a great book! Yes, all the afore mentioned items I received for Christmas, and I feel its my holiday obligation to consume them all, including the book!... How else do you spell holiday hangover - other then in weights and measures!

The Christmas season came and went in a flash this year. We celebrated the season of Abundance the last Thursday instead of the fourth Thursday of November adding to time warp confusion and thrusting us into the Christmas Season... making this the Christmas that came and went  like a Green Flash upon the sea's horizon... in my opinion.

It was a beautiful season, and we enjoyed it thoroughly. Hop Sing, our Home away from home, provides us a venue to host holiday events, and kick'um off we did! The Hop celebrated it's 4th anniversary (Yay!!!) in early November, we had so much fun, I actually forgot to take pictures! Then came our next event... and may I announce,  we have a new tradition! A Black Friday - Food Drive! It felt right, was a great success and of course  compassion for those in need is always in fashion!

Then came the Festivities of the Courthouse Lighting and Holiday Light Parades & Acker Musical Showcase... Festivities and Music aside, these events have taken my holiday spirits down in years past, with hordes of heads arguing with me about why I should allow selfies in my expensive handmade hats all night! I mean seriously!!! Doesn't every man, woman & child possess a cell phone now! Can you imagine how used and gross the hats would be if everyone and their cousin put it on for just one picture! Yuck! I refuse to change my policy about hats and photos! And to prevent altercations this year we hired a security guard to sit in the hat section! Problem solved, and we sold more pretty hats then ever, and I managed to smile through the highest traffic days of the year! 

And finally came the -back to back- shopping days leading up to Christmas Eve. We put a DJ on the payroll and the store took on an exciting new facet, cuz, really... do we need a reason to have a DJ? Life's short, just dance! You can certainly expect to find the party happening at the Hop well beyond New Years Eve! 

One thing is for certain...
The girls have been having fun and so have we!

Till later!
Happy New Year Lovelies!

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