09 June, 2014

Fashion should be FUN!

I received yet another email from a customer this week “frustrated” with her closet, and seeking help!

She felt “lost” and had “given up” on fashion...This is not a unique sentiment in my line of work, but I can’t help but wonder where along the way fashion stopped being fun for these women...

I always suggest that you play with your combinations. Write down the ones that work, and revisit those. Remember the items that you’re most complimented on- they’re usually something a little outside of your comfort zone. Take chances and enjoy your clothing. Most of all, keep evolving! Stagnancy is never fun. 

All too often I hear from women who feel intimidated by clothing, shopping, and putting new outfits together. Want to know the very best fashion advice I ever got? Fashion should be fun. That’s it! Simple. It means, take it in stride, have fun with it! Clothes are ORNAMENTS, you are the Christmas tree! Remember how fun it was to decorate the tree? That’s what getting dressed every morning should be. CLOTHES are the CAR, you are the driver! Your clothes should be vying for a chance to be taken out for a spin. 

And remember, nothing’s permanent in fashion. At the end of the day, it all comes off anyway. :) 

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