12 February, 2011

Giving shiny things for Valentine's Day this year?

Ladies, if your significant others are looking for some sparkly things to get you for Valentine's Day, but you're not the cheesy entwined-heart-pendant-from the-mall type of gal, may I suggest these pretties for you to, er, suggest in their direction?

Also, back during Christmas we had a major influx of confused husbands and boyfriends coming in to look for gifts for their ladies who they knew liked Hop Sing -- and that was pretty much it. For the big gift-giving occasions, we're going to be trying something new: a sort of wishlist, so we can direct gift-buyers to particular items picked out by their giftees! If you have your eye on something, we can make note of it, and when you nudge your partners in our direction, we can help them find the perfect present! And don't forget, there's also the ever-useful gift certificate to be had!

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