04 February, 2011


February's edition of Pop Rocket came out today, and to my surprise, I found within it an article on a subject rather near my heart, so forgive me if I wax poetic more than usual. Willa Cowan's recent "In Fashion We Trust" column is jumping on the steampunk wagon, which gives me the perfect opportunity to make That Post I've been antsy to make. The first time I came into Hop Sing, I was just drooling over all the stuff I found that would go perfectly with the steampunk things in my own wardrobe, and I was hooked. And now one of the Natashas and I have an excuse to play steampunk dress-up all afternoon!

Evocative of "the future-past that never was" of Victorian steam technology and sci-fi like HG Wells' "The Time Machine", steampunk is one of those fashions that you can either play down for every day, or go full steam ahead (har har) for special occasions. Natasha here is sporting a lovely get-up for her airship tour of the Grand Canyon with the Queen this weekend, in a cream-colored skirt, leather boots and vest, and a vintage belt and hat. And, as you can see, she's taking along some reading material for the trip.

She even gets to stand in the window display!

Check out this month's Pop Rocket for Willa's own Steampunk-y outfits and to learn a bit more about this inventive subculture. And perhaps dip a toe into the steampunk pool yourself next week: don a top hat and pick up some classic Victorian literature on the 7th -- it's National Charles Dickens Day!

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