15 June, 2013

A Tale of Two Dad's on Father's Day...

It's Fathers Day... and that means a great deal to me!

Meet my Dad... Skip

Meet my Dad... Lawrence

I love my Dad. The strange thing is... I have two Dads! Both are totally amazing men! One man is legally my father, he adopted me when he married my Mom. I think I was three. The other man is biologically my father. He and Mom were high school sweethearts, they divorced when I was about a year old, I think... Obviously they were just too young. My Dad lived in Prescott and I grew up in San Diego, I didn't see him much while growing up, in fact I remember being told to get dressed up because "he" was coming and feeling like I was meeting Captain Kangaroo or some other VIP, since the visit was mine alone, a special moment and my siblings were not included.  Nurture vs. nature really does make you a parent and so Skip was my Dad, he was and still is, a great Dad! Fast forward nearly forty years... as fate twisted and turned, eventually leading my biological parents back together... They actually remarried! Suddenly my Dad is my Dad... again... Captain Awesome, not Kangaroo...  It's awesome, he's awesome, I love him! Plus... we're strangely alike in soooo many ways, even thought we didn't spend much time together during my childhood. We talk alike, and even look alike sometimes! Especially when we're mad, crazy eyes and all! Genetics are cRaZy!!! We have so many common mannerisms!  But... truthfully if both these men were in the same room... at the same time... with me... (has never happened yet...) I'd feel so awkward, like I might hurt one or the other by just saying... Dad! They'd both look in my direction at the same time... and I might feel like a mega-traitor or something, to each of them, equally! They are both my Dad! Often I confuse my friends with Dad stories because I never use a disclaimer before beginning a Dad story... like the surfer one... or the airplane one... I just say... my Dad. 

 Bottom line... I'm one very lucky girl to have these two men in my life! 

Happy Fathers Day... Dad!


  1. They're both amazing and I love them so much. I feel blessed to have two such different and special grandpas in my life. :)

  2. Yes, my darling daughter, we are truly blessed to have these special men who love us'


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