08 July, 2013

Prescott: A Sad Day in Firefighting History

Nineteen members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, an elite force of the Prescott Fire Department, lost their lives Sunday, June 30th, while battling the Yarnell Hill wildfire that ignited south of Prescott.
This day will forever be known as a heartbreaking moment in the history of firefighting, in Arizona and throughout the US.
PRESCOTT, Ariz. (AP) — In the firefighting world, "Hotshot" is the word given to those willing to risk their lives to go to the hottest part of a blaze. They are the best of the best, crews filled with adventure-seekers whose years of hard training ready them for the worst. These Hotshots were everything the word connotes: Daring and brave, a tightknit group brought together by a common bond of hard work and "arduous adventure," reads the Prescott team's web page.
Beloved Husbands. Fathers. Sons. Brothers. Grandsons. Cousins. Nephews. Fiancés. Boyfriends. Friends and role models. The fallen Granite Mountain Hotshot's of Crew # 7, your lives will never be forgotten.
If you would like to help support the families of these brave men please contact the Prescott Firefighters Charities  or  www.prescottffcharties.org  100% of your donation is distributed directly to the Granite Mountain Hotshots families upon your request.

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