29 November, 2013

Do Good, Feel God, Look Great!

Allow us a brief a moment to express our gratitude! This has been a fantastic year and we have only you to thank for that! In a world of global options, you have chosen to support our tiny little boutique again and again, thank you! 

In 2009 during the height of a fractured and uncertain economy, we opened Hop Sing. The ole saying... On a wing and a prayer... comes to mind here! At a time when many local businesses either closed doors or refocused concepts to survive on higher volume sales of cheaper mass produced inventory, offering deep discounts at pile-high-let-fly prices, Jeff & I believed in our hearts that Prescott needed the funky-casual-elegance and quality fashion choices we knew we would provide. Well, four years later... You've rewarded a couple of small business-big dreamers like us! We're still here! For that we are most thankful!!!  

Ok... now the holiday countdown begins! Let's start off this jolly season of twinkling lights, sparkling glitter and gifting loved ones... in the spirit of giving to those who need our compassion! Bring your holiday food drive donations and we will reward your kindness!!!

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