03 October, 2014

"These Boots are made for Walking" (written for: Prescott Kudos music & entertainment publication 10/03/14)

Can I tell you a secret?
I happen to love the one-hit-wonder, "These Boots are made for Walking," by Nancy Sinatra.

In fact, standing here in my closet deciding which pair will march with me through my day - I hear it ... dadadum - dadadum - dadadum - dadadum. The famous opening beat of that iconic ode to boots plays in my head while I vacillate between tall pull-ons, distressed lace-ups, granny ankle boots, stacked heels, low wedges, or moccasin-style boots. 

And yes ... I LOVE them all! 

The truth is that while we Prescottonians keep up with all things trend and style, we don't follow them religiously. We tend to borrow new ideas, tweak them a bit, and adapt a look to suit our local culture. In short, we make it OUR OWN. Most of you ladies might agree with me that the Prescott look, much like the Prescott lifestyle, is founded on a mix of casual comfort and relaxed styles. 

While the big cities of Los Angeles and New York may be the fashion capitals of the United States, most often the styles that break into the fashion forefronts rarely originated from within the concrete jungles - especially when it comes to my favorite fall footwear: Boots!  

Consider the origins of equestrian, cowboy-inspired, moto, military, Victorian. The list goes on and on ...  Regardless of what works for the urban fashion world, in a small boutique town like Prescott, many of the latest and most haute-damn styles may not practically translate to the lifestyle of those living in a less than "Sex and the City" locale. Let's face it, while the sexy look of sky high or spiked heels may look classy on the catwalks, they may look downright classless on Whiskey Row.  

Prescott's look is urban classic-meets-rustic chic. Translation: We wear a lot of denim.  We might take really feminine tops and dresses and dress them down with denim and boots. Or, my personal favorite, pair a T-shirt, and cardigan with flattering jeans, and dress them up with a pretty statement necklace and boots. You get the idea ... everything goes with boots! 

And boots are not the place to skimp. Invest in a quality pair; they'll last much longer and only get better with wear and age. Plus, in the light of consuming less and repurposing, they also can be re-soled to extend their life (and your investment).  I have boots purchased 15 years ago that still satisfy my "sole"!  They take me comfortably and fashionably wherever my heart desires ... season to season, year after year. 

*cue music* Dadadum - dadadum - dadadum - dadadum (snap your fingers now) ... 

"These boots are made for walkin' and that's just what they'll do ..." 

Lauren Woltman can be found at Hop Sing Trading Co. in the Bashford Courts, 130 W. Gurley St.


  1. Aw Lauren...reading this makes me miss you so much! I love it! I love you! Love the boots! miss you always...my love from California. -xo Emily (a forever Prescottian) :)

    1. Thanks Emily! You're so kind... I'm the worst at following my own blog! I miss you terribly and when I finally catch up on your blog I'm always blown away by your talent! You are such a beauty, inside and out! <3 L


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