11 November, 2014

Just be you, but with a dash more confidence... It's the confidence that people will notice first!

"It doesn't matter if you're on a runway, or a sidewalk."

Let me tell you a little story... A model walks through the door of the boutique: "Hi, I'm here to be fitted for the upcoming fashion show". The stylist is expecting her and has prepared a few potential outfits in anticipation. She escorts the model to the fitting room where the items are carefully hung, and instructs her to try on a few combinations. "First try on this... then this. This, this and this go together- and those boots. I'll accessorize you when you come out. Ok?" The model smiles, nods and pulls the privacy curtain. She proceeds to change into the clothing selected. Minutes later, the fitting room curtain opens and the model emerges, amazed. "How did you do this? How did you know this would look so good on me? I would never have chosen this!" The stylist responds, "It's my superpower".

This scenario has been happening in my world for the last few weeks. Fans of this column know that I've been busy preparing for a local benefit fashion show, and you also know that I adore fashion and style! From my perspective, fashion shows are the ultimate challenge.  Women surrender themselves to the mercy of the stylist, and I have the privilege of outfitting them from head-to-toe.  It's so rewarding when these women are genuinely surprised by my choices and love what they see in the mirror. I proudly boast a fairly high batting average- Hop Sing regulars might even say I'm a home run hitter! Not too shabby for a fashion retailer/stylist with a quirky eye, established in a town that tends to make safe fashion choices.

Yesterday I had a good laugh when one of our models asked, "Am I suppose to act like I think I'm HOT?" to which I replied: "No—It doesn't matter if you're on a runway or a sidewalk, genuine confidence is what's important, and I can't sell you that. But if I dress you in such a way that you know you look great, then that's all that matters." Confidence is what completes any outfit, anytime, anywhere; and stylist or none, only you can provide that element. Regardless of what your wearing, you have to own it! Stop worrying about what others see. We are always our own worst critics anyway. When we're secure in ourselves, we exude an infectious charm and charisma- no matter what we have on. In fact, as of right now I'm declaring a moratorium on boring clothes and self-criticism in Prescott. Dress accordingly, my friends!

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