04 January, 2011


Okay, all the lucky ducks on the email list already got these details, but it's after-Christmas (and after the New Year snowpocalypse), so it's time for...

Yep! Like the anniversary sale back in November, this is a buy one, get one half-off event, inclusive of everything in the store!

But good things don't last forever, and this sale will be on for most of January -- until the big winter new arrivals start, uh, arriving. So take advantage of this great deal while you can! We have an idea of when the new stuff will start rolling in, but not an exact date -- could be the 17th, could be the 31st, we'll be as surprised as you will.

And speaking of new stuff, here's a peek at some that just came in and that IS eligible for BOGOHO. They're some of Hop Sing's most popular items... look familiar?

Stop by and say hello!

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