22 April, 2011

Oh My Gauze! OMG!

Oh My Gauze! "Oh my gawd!" The latest delivery is soooo fantastic! Let summer try and make you sweat in these easy breazy separates and oh so airy dresses!

Below, Natasha is really being creative. Her choice of mixing the new Oh my Gauze! skirt with my favorite Odd Molly "Remix Blouse", she looks so cute and ready to safari anywhere U.S.A. or Out of Africa... wherever the wind blows....


  1. the OH MY GAUZE skirt is best thing since sliced bread!!!! It can be dressed up, down, sideways... comfy and with a great design sensibility.

  2. Hey Michelle,
    Sorry for not responding to this post sooner... didn't even know you could get a post, let alone need to respond! Sorry! I'm terribly new at this stuff...

    But, Oh yeah on the skirt! We will be revisiting that one again for sure this summer!
    Smiles, Lauren


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