06 May, 2011

Stress Relief

I need my Lavender Flower Water!!! Ahhhh! Instant Stress Buster....

I've been a busy bee this week, and barely found the time to sit down here and update the blog... I say it like... "the blob!"

It's scarey to sit here when clearly I have no plan of action on my next...word.... "I miss Kathryn!!!" She was the web-ster, web-stress, master of the web-universe for Hop Sing, and now I'm IT!

It makes me sweat!... Ohhh! I need my Giovanni Peppermint Towelettes! Ohhhhh! Yes! Instant cool, refreshment! These things are the greatest invention! They cool the hottest flash or sweaty palms, and provide the ultimate aromatheraputic lift...

Honestly, I can't even tell if anyone reads this stuff or not. It's a mystery to me how all this web stuff works! Do you read this? Are you really interested? I'm going to go home and slip into a bubble bath, and then the softest silk tunic and study my direction's again... Maybe I can find it in myself to enjoy this blogging stuff...

I still miss my Kathryn...


  1. I understand what you mean about the "blogging stuff". I feel the same way, but have to admit it becomes more fun....really. Love this Lavender water I think I have to come down and get some!

  2. Hey Susie!
    Thanks for the feedback!
    I just found the place where you responded... today! I am the slowest blogger in the universe but, I guess it is kinda fun... sometimes... Smiles Lauren!


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